Cuisine specializing in rice, fish and seafood


Sant Pol Restaurant

The Sant Pol Restaurant offers a cuisine specializing in rice, fish and seafood.

It is a restaurant of great tradition in the area and has large rooms for banquets or business meetings.


Villa Laura Restaurant

The Restaurant Villa Laura, located near Restaurant sant Pol, offers a fun and cheerful kitchen for the whole family.

The salads, the peixets, the tapas and our rices are our specialities. Also you can find mixed dishes and menus for every tastes.


Villa Maria Restaurant

Discover our new chill out Villa Maria, just next door from our hotel. Very special hamburguers and a cool ambience to relax drinking a fresh gin tonic face to our wonderful bay.


Montbar Mar Restaurant

The Montbar Bar is situated in front of the sea at the Maritime Promenade of Platja d'Aro. An ideal place to stay a day of beach with the familiy or friends.

The nightlife in Platja D'aro is varied where the entertainment is assured. A good table with specialities is a great beginning for the evening. Our specialities are the rices and the fideuas.


Vegetable garden

Our family has always worked the earthland. This has allowed us to offer our customers fresh and seasonal products with the best quality and guarantee.

Mainly potatoes, tomatoes, onion, broccoli, lettuce, endives, chards and beans are based on by our production. Also, but in minor amount, we grow strawberry, cherries, figs, artichokes and cabbages.

Our production is limited to the demand that we have from our establishments, when this exhausts it, we buy to our neighbors farmers of the zone.

We produce poultry and also we can offer chickens, geese, dindi cock and paintings in our dinning card, everything direct of our farm and fed with our corn.

Hotel Restaurant Sant Pol

Platja de Sant Pol 125

972 321 070

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